About us

Kompania REFORMA karakterizohet me një zhvillim e rritë normale, pa bujë e zhvillime dramatike, gjë që paraqet një shembull të mirë e të rrallë në këto hapësira dhe rrethana të vështira të formimit dhe rritës së saj.


Reforma Company was established and laid its foundations in 1990, in a small shop in the center of Prishtina with only two employees, with very few financial aids and assets, but with an astonishing determination and a prosperous work will. They knew their future was going to be bright, because their vision was well-defined and comprehensible from its founder.


Reforma Company has outgrown towards a modern company with more than forty employees from different profiles who they maintain and continue their daily duties and achievements in a very modern, sophisticated and contemporary buildings of more than 20000 meter square, starting from the our selling agents and employees with over 17000 original car products including a warranty and an exceptional price, to selling and offering a show room to the latest Audi car, brought to you in an exclusive as an authorized dealer for Audi and the servicing and the technical control of your cars. All this, is a product a professional staff and a significant management regarding the achievements of the company.


Our vision for the future, is to keep on growing bigger ,and expanding even more in other regions, to keep a steady pace of being more qualitative and more successful. The expansion of our capacity, the extend in the of employees and maintaining our successes and services towards our clients are just of the few yearly goals presented from the head of the company and its board.


Filan Fisteku